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NeuroSonics Medical

The next wave in neurosurgery

Every brain and every case is different. Our device allows enhanced flexibility for more customized and personalized neurosurgical treatments. We envision a pipeline of products that harness the power of ultrasound to safely and effectively treat a range of diseases.

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The Technology

NeuroSonics Medical, Inc. is developing a flexible, ultrasound imaging-guided focused ultrasound device for neurosurgery for a range of neurological and psychiatric conditions. It uses a minimally invasive approach to ablate anywhere in the brain, and without excessive power to penetrate the skull. With its innovative, miniaturized design, it has advantages over traditional open resections via craniotomies, as well as recently developed non- and minimally invasive surgical tools.

Focused ultrasound can precisely destroy a target in a non- or minimally invasive manner, while leaving the surrounding structures intact. The ablation target can be focused at a distance from the tip of the probe, reducing the risk of damaging blood vessels and healthy brain tissue. It can also be steered to ablate larger, irregular-shaped, and multiple targets with one insertion, and even allows for the ablation trajectory to be adjust intra-operatively. Our technology aims to improve safety, recovery, and clinical outcomes for patients, while bringing financial benefits to hospitals and payers.

Patent pending (US16/489,423, US20180177520A1)

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