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NeuroSonics Medical

Miniaturized therapeutic ultrasound device for precise, personalized, and minimally invasive brain surgery


Every brain and every case is different. Our device allows enhanced flexibility for more customized and personalized neurosurgical treatments.


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The Technology

NeuroSonics Medical is developing a miniaturized therapeutic ultrasound device for the surgical treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy. When anti-seizure medications have not helped, our device can remove brain regions where seizures start without the risks of traditional brain surgery. Ultrasound can be focused through both tissue and fluid to precisely ablate (destroy) target tissue, while leaving the surrounding structures intact. Our goal is to provide hope for patients who have failed to respond to medication, who choose not to or cannot undergo traditional surgery, and who have not achieved seizure freedom even with recently developed ablation tools.

Our device can:

  • Ablate tissue of any size, any shape, and anywhere in the brain, including larger, irregular-shaped, and even multiple targets
  • More completely destroy the desired target compared to other minimally and non-invasive technologies on the market
  • Destroy tissue at a distance from the tip of the probe, reducing the risk of damaging blood vessels and healthy brain tissue, and providing a therapeutic option for “inoperable” cases involving critical or deep brain regions

Our goal is to expand access to surgical treatments, reduce ongoing care costs, and give the majority of patients with drug-resistant epilepsy the chance to be seizure-free.We want to give patients with back their livelihoods, their independence, and their plans for the future.

Patent pending (US16/489,423)

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