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New Tools for Tissue Ablation Using Focused Ultrasound

MDC client company NeuroSonics was founded in 2018 by Dr. Nao Gamo, PhD and Professor Amir Manbachi, PhD of Johns Hopkins University. Professor Manbachi is a co-inventor of the Company’s product, a tool for minimally invasive ablation of brain tumors using focused ultrasound.

NeuroSonics is developing a novel, patented focused ultrasound (FUS) device that will provide a minimally invasive alternative to cranial flap resections to remove large and complex brain tumors, including cases considered inoperable with current surgical techniques. Cranial flap resections for larger tumors involve removing a large portion of the skull, with increased risk of uncontrolled bleeding, infections, and prolonged post-operative recovery. Reducing invasiveness with a smaller incision would mitigate these risks, which is especially important when removing tumors that are deep in the brain.